Customer Service Centre Outsourcing Service

1. Provide multilingual telephone call and answer service, 7x7 support, open year-round, English-language customer service representative supported by local U.S. customer service, high-level professional customer service representative
2. Languages supported by the customer service center: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, etc

Customer service for e-commerce foreign trade

For foreign trade e-commerce to provide free call center software services, not only can we answer and call, in addition to pre-sales and post-sales hotline services, we also provide tracking and removal services for both platform and third-party reviews. To provide support, we can also support telephone answering and participation services for Wal-Mart account applications.

Mail and online customer support

In addition to voice support, customer service can also support mail delivery services, all types of online chat support (Livechat), technical support, various ERP systems, different types of information entry services for internal systems (English version required).

Multilingual local service

We provide language support in more than 20 different countries and regions. Most of the customer service teams are located in the corresponding countries. The global team deployment method can facilitate the support of local working hours, local work is sometimes no longer a problem and can be used for guests. Provide the best service